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The fun of being multi-cellular

For billions of years there were single cellular organisms on this planet. For billions of years they survived alone. Then one cell decided to meet with another and share knowledge. Knowledge about how it has survived in the environment he was in and acquire the knowledge of another cell. Knowledge about how she has survived in the environment she was in (I am not insinuating sex, the difference in gender is just for clearer understanding and gender fairness).

Then this couple decided to add to their knowledge by adding another cell into the family (No no, I am not insinuating a threesome). This added to their knowledge. And then a fourth one (please stop thinking about orgies :-).

Soon with their shared knowledge they came up with a new idea. How about a few million cells specialize in a specific function. That way they will share information only related to that specific function and it will make the overall being a little more efficient for survival. And to keep things simple, let's call this first set of cells "an eye". This set of cells would help the overall organism "to see". Help them keep away from hazardous environments and "find" a more accommodating environment to survive. And another set of cells formed "an ear" that would help them perform another function… you get the gist of it… don't you?

Each cell has to work with its adjoining cell and share information through its membrane for it to be able to function properly. If it doesn't, the eye won't see, the ear won't hear and the organism will not be capable enough to survive in a hazardous environment.

Now think of your organization as the organism that is made up of many such organs, each one consisting of cells / people that have to share information and specialize in functions. Collaboration is not a buzzword. It is absolutely essential for the very survival of the larger being. When the organism survives and thrives, the cells get healthier, stronger, derive more nutrition.

But if the cells stop sharing information, stop specializing in their individual functions, stop working with their adjoining cells due to individual jealousies, egos and personal ambitions, the organism becomes sick, more prone to threats, less efficient in survival tactics. This means lesser nutrition for all individual cells and a threat to survival.

A cell alone is nothing. Together with other cells it is an organism. An organism is nothing without its cells.

Food for thought?

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